Iyagi Mirok Li

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Iyagi  by  Mirok Li

Iyagi by Mirok Li
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IYAGI sind kurze, meist humorvolle, von Mund zu Mund überlieferte Erzählungen, die für die koreanische Volkskultur typisch sind.IYAGI are short, mostly humorous tales, passed down by word of mouth, which are typical for the Korean folk culture.I rather stumbled about this book and the author while reading about Koreans in Germany and he was listed among the famous examples and so my curiosity awakened since he was from the early 20th century.I searched for this book and easily found it in the local city library and I was slightly surprised and my curiosity was… well the original one was satisfied but a new one replaced it.My curiosity regarding these Korean tales was sated, the ones I found here were nice, albeit a few times slightly odd, short tales and one novella that ends with… nope, not going to tell, you will have to read it yourself if you want to know.Well anyway, while these are mostly short and simple tales I do not think that Li wrote them down for children but rather for adults to get a glimpse into a part of Korean culture, especially since the book gives you a short introduction as to what an IYAGI is and what role it has, something that would bore most kids on this planet.

In addition some tales are clearly tales for adults, especially the novella at the end that actually references a tale from the IYAGI. In addition you will notice that these tales are in their basic structure and themes very similar to tales known in many cultures, including my own, and I wonder what sparked them, both those that are similar and those that are different from the tales of my own culture(view spoiler)[, e.g.

I know of no tale in my culture that would ever claim that a decent apex predator does not attack sleeping humans, quite the contrary. So I wonder what birthed the story that claimed that a decent tiger does not attack sleeping humans. (hide spoiler)]

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